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Pence's claims on ACA and jobs fall apart under scrutiny

Mike Pence thinks the Affordable Care Act is "a job killer." Reality points in a very different direction.
As Diamond added a while back, “Obamacare was signed into law in March 2010. The private sector hasn’t lost jobs since.”This continues to be true. The U.S. economy created over 2.2 million jobs in 2016, which was the sixth consecutive year in which we’ve crossed the 2 million threshold. The last time Americans saw a six-year stretch like this was also the late 1990s.I realize that Pence and his allies find this terribly inconvenient. It's important to Republicans that the public see "Obamacare" as a "jobs killer," but reality keeps getting in the way.Which is why it's annoying when the vice president sticks to discredited talking points anyway.