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'Our economy will thrive only when we make what we invent.'

--Susan Hockfield, Manufacturing A RecoveryPresident Obama asked  and Andrew N.

--Susan Hockfield, Manufacturing A Recovery

President Obama asked [Susan Hockfield, a neuroscientist, is the president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a director of General Electric] and Andrew N. Liveris, the chief executive of Dow Chemical, to lead the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a group of industry, academic and government representatives that will find ways to speed up research in advanced materials and processes and increase our pool of skilled labor.

I hope Mitt Romney has the opportunity to expand on his smart phone/pay-phone metaphor at the debate Wednesday night...

Since World War II, federal investments in scientific research have set off waves of job-creating innovation in aviation, electronics, computing, the Internet and biotechnology.We need major innovation investment if we are to achieve similar breakthroughs today. But the recent debt-ceiling compromise could compel some 10 percent in cuts to federal research and development money in 2013. That could lead to a decade of stagnation.