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'OMG I would totally ROCK that game!!'

So, you think you can take The Friday Night News Dump?

Are you a real and actual fan of The Rachel Maddow Show?

Do you shout, "WAIT FOR IT" ten minutes into the opening segment because you know it's about to take that revelatory turn?

Do you sing, "What's your function?" when you see the Debunktion Junction animation (even though that song isn't even in there).

Do you roll your Rs when you pronounce the name Reince Priebus?

Do members of your extended family know not to call you between 9 and 10 at night?

Or perhaps you're part of the hockey stick legion that gives our web traffic a sudden spike at the end of the day when the video clips are published?

Was your dog startled when you found out that TRMS is playing a new game on Fridays called The Friday Night News Dump, and you jumped up on the couch with a loud hoot and boasted that you'd be the most dominant player that game would ever see?

Well such a player you can, in fact, be.

Send an e-mail declaring your interest to (every mail read with real human eyes!) with "Friday Night News Dump" in the subject line*.

(*At the moment we can't think of anything else you need to include in the e-mail, but we reserve the right to think of something later.)