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New Orleans, day two

(Photo by Michael Yarvitz)

(Photo by Michael Yarvitz)Tonight at 9 Eastern, we'll bring you the second of our live reports from New Orleans on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This is the story of a manmade disaster and the city that refused to surrender. As Billy Sothern and Tracie Washington told us last night, this is also a city that was saved by people from all over. Today Rachel Maddow and crew found a monument to some of those people. It looks strange in today's xenophobic political climate, no?More pics from the day, after the jump.

The monument to immigrants -- imagine! (Photo by Michael Yarvitz)Prepping for an interview, still in the back seat. (Photo by Matt Saal)NBC's Anne Thompson shares her reporting by the mighty Mississippi. (Photo by Michael Yarvitz)