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Neugebauer plays tough, bullies Park Service Ranger

Strong candidate for the day's most galling video

Dan Amira's take on the above video was spot on.

Anyone want to see something truly disgusting? Here's Texas congressman Randy Neugebauer, a Republican who supports the shutdown, telling a park ranger, as news cameras roll, that she should be "ashamed" for keeping tourists out of the World War II memorial. As if it were her call. As if she was responsible for shutting down the government. Bravo for speaking truth to power, Randy Neugebauer. You're a big man.

Notice that Neugebauer, American flag waving from his lapel pocket, didn't take the ranger aside, either. He jumped in front of cameras and microphones so everyone could see him bully a park ranger doing her job under difficult circumstances -- circumstances Neugebauer created when he closed the memorial he was politicizing.

This one's tough to stomach.