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Morning Maddow: October 31

Kansans protest Koch Industries.Kansas Gov.
I know, I know there's a typo.
I know, I know there's a typo.

Kansans protest Koch Industries.

Kansas Gov. Brownback takes money meant for lowering heating bills and gives it to the biofuels industry.

This appears to be the Herman Cain story of the day. But maybe this should be instead? Update: Or this.

Perry won't be skipping debates after all.

We might be leaving Iraq, but we're not going far.

An American is identified as a Somali suicide bomber.

Aid group says an airstrike in Somalia hit a refugee camp, killing and wounding mostly women and children.

Seven billion! Woot?

Those killjoys at Mother Jones add up the true cost of Hallowe'en (American-style).