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Morning Maddow: November 22

Morning headlines: the fallout from yesterday's "nuclear option," Greenpeace captain released on bail, TX fighting again over evolution in school books.

Dallas Morning News splash page on the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. (Dallas Morning News)

A fascinating NY Times interactive on its reporting in the days after the assassination. (NY Times) Washington Post, too. (Washington Post) And the Boston Globe has great "then and now" pictures. (Boston Globe)

The real-world consequences of yesterday's Senate filibuster reform. (Huffington Post)

The Texas Board of Education is debating evolution again. (AP)

American Greenpeace ship captain released from Russian jail on bail. (NBC News)

Why there were so few Monarch butterflies this year. (NY Times)

For thirty bucks, you too can own a painting by Pres. George W. Bush (sort of). (Dallas Morning News)