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Morning Maddow: November 13

Morning headlines: Herring declares #vaag victory, the former face of comes forward, Typhoon Haiyan may just be the beginning.

Democratic candidate for Virginia AG declares victory. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Washington city's $15-an-hour minimum-wage vote is still being counted. (McClatchy)

Senate Republicans blocked one of Pres. Obama's nominees to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. (The Hill)

275,000 to be invited to try again. (The Hill)

The woman who was the face of the Obamacare website comes forward. (ABC News)

Typhoon Haiyan was as big as a storm has ever gotten, but bigger ones may be coming. (NBC News)

Whitey Bulger sentencing hearing starts today. (NPR)

Most expensive painting ever. (NY Times)