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Morning Maddow: December 23

Morning headlines: judge to consider blocking the gay marriages in Utah, Colorado high school student shot at school has died, Bob McDonnell's chef speaks.

Fed. judge in Utah to consider blocking same-sex weddings today. (AP)

Navy will provide military benefits to same-sex couples stationed in Japan. (Washington Post)

Catholic groups win permanent injunction against the Affordable Care Act. (McClatchy)

The student wounded in the Arapahoe School shooting has died. (Denver Post)

The chef who sparked the investigation of VA Gov. Bob McDonnell speaks out. (Washington Post)

Guantanamo judge orders U.S. to preserve whatever is left of CIA "black sites." (Miami Herald)

The Pentagon is holding its first-ever "Afghanistan White Goods Sale." (Time)

New York state lawmaker accused of sexually harassing 3 former staffers. (Buffalo News)