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Monday's Mini-Report, 2.22.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* The latest mass shooting: "The Uber driver arrested for the deadly Kalamazoo, Michigan, killing spree was charged Monday with six counts of murder and ordered held without bail. Prosecuting attorney Jeff Getting said Jason Brian Dalton 'admitted his involvement' in the killings and was found with what appears to be the murder weapon."
* Related news: "President Obama on Monday condemned a weekend shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Mich., calling it a stark example that more needs to be done to prevent gun violence in America. The president said he phoned the mayor, police chief and sheriff in Kalamazoo to offer federal assistance in the investigation."
* Flint: "Gov. Rick Snyder said Monday his office will release thousands of pages of emails his staff sent or received related to Flint’s water supply switch and subsequent contamination dating back to 2011."
* Syria: "The United States and Russia on Monday announced plans for a nationwide cessation of hostilities in Syria, the latest effort in what has been a fruitless diplomatic campaign to halt the five-year-old civil war. The cease-fire, which would take effect on Feb. 27, does not apply to two of the most lethal extremist groups, the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, raising questions about whether it will be any more successful than previous peace efforts."
* Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) of Missouri announced today that "she has breast cancer on Monday, a disease she says was detected through a routine mammogram.... 'I very recently learned that I have breast cancer. It was detected through a regular mammogram,' she wrote on her Tumblr account. 'It's a little scary, but my prognosis is good and I expect a full recovery.'"
* Fiji "began a massive cleanup Monday after one of the most powerful storms recorded in the southern hemisphere killed at least 17 people, flattening remote villages and cutting off communications."
* A story worth watching: "Satellite images show China may be building a powerful new radar system on a disputed island in the South China Sea, which could have worrisome military uses in monitoring -- and potentially trying to control -- a strategically vital waterway, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)."
* Sweet presidential story, Part I: "President Barack Obama on Saturday responded to a video of a young girl bursting into tears when she found out Obama wouldn't be president for much longer. In a Facebook comment on the video posted by the girl's grandmother, Caprina Harris, the president told the young girl, who shares a birthday with Obama, that once he left office, he wasn't going anywhere."
* Sweet presidential story, Part II: "Virginia McLaurin's life isn't easy. Last winter, she battled bedbugs in her D.C. apartment. This year, snowstorm 'Snowzilla' trapped her inside for several days. She also happens to be almost 107 years old. None of that mattered last week when the centenarian stepped -- nay, scampered -- into the White House to meet President Obama and the first lady. With the leader of the free world in one hand and Michelle Obama in the other, McLaurin danced with sheer and utter joy, shaking her hips like a 16-year-old and flashing a smile as bright as the camera flashes going off all around her."
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