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Monday's Mini-Report, 2.11.19

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* This isn't going well: "Negotiations over funding for border security were stalled as the week began, with top appropriators from both parties huddling Monday to try to overcome the latest sticking point ahead of the Friday night deadline to avoid another government shutdown."

* As if he weren't already in enough trouble: "Historians say they were 'shocked' and 'mystified' when Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wrongly used the term 'indentured servants' Sunday in reference to the first Africans to arrive in English North America 400 years ago."

* A new reason for Trump to hate the Golden State: "California Gov. Gavin Newsom will announce plans Monday to pull back all members of the National Guard who have been deployed to the border with Mexico, saying the state would not be part of the Trump administration's 'manufactured crisis.'"

* Patrick Shanahan seems to be an acting secretary looking for a permanent gig: "The Pentagon's top official assured Afghanistan's government on Monday that the U.S. wouldn't desert the country's security forces, the Afghan Defense Ministry said, signaling American support for the jittery government while the U.S. holds talks with the Taliban to end the country's 17-year war."

* It's about time: "YouTube has announced that it will no longer recommend videos that 'come close to' violating its community guidelines, such as conspiracy or medically inaccurate videos."

* Some patients, alas, have to be their own advocates: "As anti-vaccination movements metastasize amid outbreaks of dangerous diseases, Internet-savvy teenagers are fact-checking their parents' decisions in a digital health reawakening -- and seeking their own treatments in bouts of family defiance."

* Florida: "U.S. Sen. Rick Scott will no longer keep his vast wealth in a blind trust, like he did during his eight years as Florida's governor. Instead, Scott said he will report his assets to the public in annual financial disclosure forms required of all members of Congress."

* RIP: "Rep. Walter Jones Jr., a 13-term Republican from eastern North Carolina whose about-face on the Iraq War came to define his congressional service, died Sunday on his 76th birthday, his congressional office confirmed."

* Noted without comment: "Fox News host Pete Hegseth says all the handwringing on Twitter about the fact he doesn't wash his hands was much ado about nothing."

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