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Monday's Mini-Report, 12.4.17

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The Supreme Court this afternoon "allowed the third version of the Trump administration's travel ban to go into effect while legal challenges against it continue. The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and eventually dismissed disputes over the second version."

* I'll have more on this tomorrow: "President Donald Trump announced the reduction of two national monuments in Utah Monday, lambasting past administrations for overreach in a decision likely to touch off a battle with conservation groups and Native American tribes."

* Korean peninsula: "Two dozen U.S. stealth jets were among hundreds of aircraft involved in war games in South Korea on Monday intended as a show of strength to neighboring North Korea.... North Korea described the exercises as a 'grave provocation,' claiming in its state-run media Monday that they could escalate the situation 'to the brink of nuclear war.'"

* It wasn't long ago when the United States tried to lead: "President Donald Trump has decided to boycott a global conference on migration scheduled to begin Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, sending a blunt signal that the United States is no longer interested in forging a concerted response to the world's burgeoning migration crises."

* Tax debate: "Before Senate Republicans passed their tax bill early Saturday, GOP leaders boasted that it would be a huge boon for the US economy. Goldman Sachs does not agree."

* I'm eager to hear more about how this is going to work: "Federal authorities sought to take back guns from thousands of people the background check system should have blocked from buying weapons because they had criminal records, mental health issues or other problems that would disqualify them."

* Something to keep an eye on tomorrow: "The defamation suit filed in January in the New York State Supreme Court by [Summer] Zervos, a short-lived contestant on 'The Apprentice,' has reached a critical point, with oral arguments over Trump's motion to dismiss scheduled for Tuesday, after which the judge is expected to rule on whether the case may move forward."

* Five-year sentence: "A federal court sentenced former Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown to five years in prison Monday for fraud and conspiracy charges, according to WOKV. Brown was found guilty in May for fraudulently taking thousands of dollars from her bogus charity One Door for Education, concealing income on financial filings and filing false tax returns."

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