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Monday's Mini-Report, 1.12.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* An important hack: "The Twitter and YouTube accounts for U.S. Central Command, a military outpost that focuses on countries in the Middle East, were hacked Monday, a U.S. Defense official told NBC News' Jim Miklaszewski. The Twitter account was compromised around 12:30 p.m. ET, just as President Obama was delivering a speech on cybersecurity at Federal Trade Commission headquarters."
* The search for Hayat Boumeddiene: "A suspected accomplice of one of the Islamist militants behind last week's attacks in Paris crossed into Syria from Turkey on Thursday, according to Turkey's foreign minister."
* France: "Confronting a nation in shock from last week's terrorist attacks, the French authorities on Monday began to unveil a broad array of measures to send thousands of soldiers and police officers to guard Jewish schools and other sites, reinforce electronic surveillance and reach into schools and prisons that have a reputation as crucibles of jihadist recruitment."
* A win for progressive activists: "Antonio Weiss, the Wall Street banker who President Barack Obama had picked to be the third-ranking official at the Treasury Department, has asked that the president not resend his nomination to the Senate following a major backlash from progressive Democrats who questioned his ties to the financial industry, POLITICO has learned."
* ISIS: "The U.S. military has launched 11 airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) since Friday. The Department of Defense said between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Friday, U.S. and partner-nation military forces launched five airstrikes in Syria and six airstrikes in Iraq."
* Cuba has "completed the release of 53 prisoners it promised to free as part of the agreement to restore diplomatic relations with the United States, American officials said on Monday."
* Bans continue to drop like flies: "In yet another victory for marriage equality in a deeply conservative state, a federal judge on Monday struck down South Dakota's ban on same-sex nuptials."
* UVA: "The University of Virginia, after receiving guidance from the local police, has reinstated the fraternity at the center of a magazine article that detailed gang rape allegations that later unraveled."
* Colorado: "Law enforcement officials on Friday announced the composite sketch of a person suspected to have been closely involved in the bombing of the NAACP office in Colorado Springs, though they are still reluctant to ascribe a motive to the incident."
* Kansas: "Gov. Sam Brownback on Friday declined to answer questions about a federal investigation into his re-election campaign's financing."
* This is pretty much the opposite of everything the right believes about the Obama era, but reality is stubborn: "Since reliable data first became available shortly before World War II, the percentage of all employed people working for the federal government hit an all-time low in December."
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