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Monday's Mini-Report, 11.13.17

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Middle East: "At least 414 people were killed and almost 6,500 others injured after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck near Iran's border with Iraq, authorities said Monday. Rescuers were trying to find survivors trapped under collapsed buildings but their efforts were hindered in many places by landslides. More than 100 aftershocks were registered, according to Iranian officials."

* New Jersey: "Jurors in the bribery trial of New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez sent the judge a note on Monday saying they 'can't reach a unanimous verdict on any of the charges.' The judge excused the jurors and told them to return Tuesday to continue deliberating the Democratic senator's fate."

* A sixth woman "has come forward to accuse former President George H.W. Bush of groping in years past -- in this case, when she was 16 and had her picture taken with him in Texas."

* A terrifying scene in Poland: "Tens of thousands of Poles marched across downtown Warsaw on Saturday, in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims."

* Christopher Sharpley: "Two former CIA employees are accusing the Trump administration's choice for CIA chief watchdog of being less than candid when he told Congress he didn't know about any active whistleblower complaints against him."

* It's about time: "The Senate unanimously approved legislation late Thursday that institutes mandatory sexual harassment training for senators and aides -- a potentially meaningful shift amid calls for overhauling Capitol Hill's system for handling harassment complaints."

* Niger: "The body of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four U.S. soldiers killed in an ambush by Islamist militants in Niger last month, was found with his arms tied and a gaping wound at the back of his head, according to two villagers, suggesting that he may have been captured and then executed."

* There's a routine gap between what Donald Trump says and what's true: "U.S. and coalition strikes against the Islamic State terrorist group have fallen dramatically in the last month, despite President Donald Trump's assertion last week that the military had hit the group 'much harder' in response to a terrorist attack in New York City."

* That's a lot of people: "Congressional analysts are estimating that the Republican Senate tax bill would increase taxes in 2019 for some 13.8 million U.S. households earning less than $200,000 a year. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation provided the analysis Monday as the Senate's tax-writing committee begins work on its version of the tax overhaul bill."

* And on a related note, if you're interested in the difference between the House and Senate tax plans, this report did a good job.

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