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Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 11.9.15

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
* Though it can be difficult to know which of his claims are real and which are fantasy, Ben Carson claims he raised $3.5 million for his presidential campaign just last week.
* The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund is throwing its support behind Hillary Clinton, it's earliest ever endorsement.
* Jeb Bush will be in Wisconsin today, appearing alongside Scott Walker at a Hispanics for School Choice in Waukesha. Note, Walker has not yet endorsed any of his former GOP rivals.
* Hillary Clinton announced over the weekend that she now supports removing marijuana from the list of schedule 1 drugs, "a classification that prevents federally-sponsored research into its effects." At a South Carolina town-hall meeting on Saturday, Clinton said, "We haven’t done research, why? Because it’s considered a schedule 1 drug,. I'd like to move it from schedule 1 to schedule 2."
* Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal appeared at the "National Religious Liberties Conference" in Iowa over the weekend, which is notable in large part because the event was organized by extremist right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson. 
* Reflecting on getting bumped from this week's prime-time Republican debate to the kids-table debate, Chris Christie said he doesn't consider it a "demotion," but rather, a "transfer." (Similarly, Christie isn't losing, so much as he's winning backwards.)
* On a related note, since launching his national campaign, Christie has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and NBC a total of 75 times. In the crowded Republican field, only Donald Trump has more.
* Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) announced late last week that he's retiring at the end of this Congress. The Pennsylvania Republican, who promised to serve only five terms, ended up running (and winning) 10 terms. His district leans pretty heavily in the GOP's favor, and Republicans are confident about keeping the seat.
* And in Florida, the mayoral race in Bradenton Beach finished in an exact tie, prompting the race to be decided by a deck of cards. Current Mayor Jack Clarke pulled a 10 of clubs, while former Mayor Bill Shearon pulled an ace of clubs. The latter, obviously, won.