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Monday's Mini-Report, 11.15.21

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* It's done: "President Joe Biden on Monday signed one of his biggest legislative victories into law, the final approval of the hard-fought $555 billion infrastructure bill."

* On a related note: "President Joe Biden has chosen former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to coordinate the implementation of the bipartisan infrastructure plan that the president will sign into law on Monday."

* Bannon news: "Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon surrendered to federal authorities Monday in Washington, where he's facing two charges of contempt of Congress. 'We're taking down the Biden regime,' a defiant Bannon said on his way into the FBI field office to have his arrest processed."

* COP26 news: "After 15 days of tense negotiations, an agreement was reached Saturday by nearly 200 countries at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on how to address the growing crisis of global warming."

* Trump's D.C. hotel: "Donald J. Trump's family business has an agreement to sell its marquee Washington hotel, reaching a deal to fetch at least $375 million for a property that prompted ethical scrutiny and struggled to make money even as it drew steady crowds of lobbyists, lawmakers and Trump loyalists."

* Important reporting from The New York Times: "The Baghuz strike was one of the largest civilian casualty incidents of the war against the Islamic State, but it has never been publicly acknowledged by the U.S. military. The details, reported here for the first time, show that the death toll was almost immediately apparent to military officials. A legal officer flagged the strike as a possible war crime that required an investigation. But at nearly every step, the military made moves that concealed the catastrophic strike."

* A case I've been following: "Former 'Apprentice' contestant Summer Zervos has agreed to drop her long-running defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, court records show."

* Chaco Canyon: "President Joe Biden on Monday proposed a 20-year ban on oil and gas drilling within a 10-mile radius of Chaco Canyon, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage site in northwestern New Mexico that holds historical significance to members of the Pueblo and other Native American tribes."

* In related news: "President Joe Biden on Monday ordered several Cabinet departments to work together to combat human trafficking and crime on Native lands, where violent crime rates are more than double the national average."

* Mark your calendars: The Congressional Budget Office announced today that its review of the Democrats' Build Back Better legislation will be released by close of business on Friday. Depending on what it says, a House vote on the package might soon follow.

* Alex Jones' latest defeat: "Conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones, who claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a 'giant hoax,' was found liable Monday for damages in lawsuits brought by parents of children killed in the shooting."

* I have a hunch Flynn would expect his religion to be the favored one: "Michael Flynn, former national security adviser in the Trump administration, on Saturday said the United States should have a single religion."

See you tomorrow.