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Missing plane and other headlines

Morning headlines: hope fades for finding missing AirAsia plane, McDonnell's daughter blames mom for dad's conviction, Jeb Bush's email.

Missing AirAsia flight likely on 'bottom of the sea,' search official says. (NBC News)

The NSA's Christmas Eve news dump. (Bloomberg)

Pres. Obama talks about 2015. (NPR)

Twenty states will raise their minimum wage on January 1. (Washington Post)

California gears up for migrant driver's licenses. (AP)

GOP learns lessons from KS Gov. Brownback's tax scare. (Politico)

Bob McDonnell's downfall is wife Maureen's fault, daughter says. (Washington Post)

The Wall Street Journal reads Jeb Bush's email. (WSJ)

In North Dakota, a tale of oil, corruption and death. (NY Times)

The last 'radium girl' dies at 107. (NPR)

What are you reading this morning? Let us know in the headlines, please.