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Missing Maddow?

Some bonus Rachel Maddow video to hold you until the show returns on Monday

I understand that between the holiday on Monday and Snowden interview tonight you may be suffering from a bit of Maddow Deficit Disorder.

So as a bit of a palliative, after the jump you'll find the hour-plus interview Rachel did with Lemony Snicket author Daniel Handler at the Castro Theater in San Francisco on the Drift book tour in 2012. Even if you've seen other Drift interviews, Daniel Handler is hilarious. This is probably the funniest interview of the entire tour.

Hat tip to @fauxpinky for catching this original when it was published.

More? Ok, remember the other day when Rachel remembered the outrage of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal? Our friend @stonermc went back and found some contemporaneous commentary from a famliiar talk radio host...