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Rising smoke can be seen from the beach at Saky after explosions were heard from the direction of a Russian military airbase near Novofedorivka, Crimea, on Aug. 9, 2022.AP

Wednesday’s Mini-Report, 8.10.22

Today’s edition of quick hits.


Today’s edition of quick hits.

* An important strike in Crimea: “Nine Russian jets were destroyed in explosions at an air base in Crimea, Ukraine’s air force said Wednesday. It comes amid speculation the blasts were the result of a Ukrainian attack that would represent a significant escalation in the war.”

* Some decent news on inflation: “On a month-to-month basis, the July Consumer Price Index reading was unchanged from June — meaning no price growth was registered. That compares with June’s month-on-month increase of 1.3%.”

* The latest out of New Mexico: “The man accused of killing at least two men of South Asian descent, sending shockwaves through this city’s Muslim community, was arrested twice in 2018 in troubling domestic violence incidents — including one inside a state office building, court documents show.”

* Monkeypox strategy: “Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization on Tuesday that allows health care providers to reduce the dose of the monkeypox vaccine to one-fifth of what has been given until now.”

* A thwarted plot: “A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was charged in a plot to murder former national security adviser John Bolton, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.”

* Climate credibility: “After a moment when hopes dimmed that the United States could become an international leader on climate change, legislation that Congress is poised to approve could rejuvenate the country’s reputation and bolster its efforts to push other nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more quickly.”

* We’re due for a national conversation about Facebook’s role in the fight against reproductive rights: “A Nebraska woman has been charged with helping her teenage daughter end her pregnancy at about 24 weeks after investigators uncovered Facebook messages in which the two discussed using medication to induce an abortion and plans to burn the fetus afterward.”

* Kudos to the Floridian who broke the Mar-a-Lago FBI story: “Peter Schorsch, the publisher of a state politics news site, tweeted his scoop while acknowledging, ‘I’m not a strong enough reporter to hunt this down.’”

See you tomorrow.