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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 10.13.21

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* Supply chain: "President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that three of the largest U.S. goods carriers, Walmart, FedEx and UPS, will up their efforts to address supply chain issues, after retailers have already begun warning that some products may not make on shelves before the holidays."

* At the border(s): "The United States will allow fully vaccinated legal travelers to enter the country through land borders in Canada and Mexico, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is expected to announce Wednesday."

* That's quite an increase: "The Social Security Administration announced Wednesday that recipients will receive a nearly 6 percent increase in benefits next year. The boost in benefits, which will affect nearly 70 million people, is being fueled by a spike in inflation caused by supply chain bottlenecks, worker shortages and other economic disruptions from the Covid pandemic."

* Wind policy: "The Biden administration announced on Wednesday a plan to develop large-scale wind farms along nearly the entire coastline of the United States, the first long-term strategy from the government to produce electricity from offshore turbines."

* Curtailing work-site raids: "The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that it would not conduct mass arrests of undocumented workers during enforcement operations at U.S. businesses, a reversal from Trump administration policies and the latest signal to millions of immigrants that they were not priorities for deportation."

* That's a memorable quote: "Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff on Tuesday referred to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as an 'insurrectionist in a suit and tie,' as he slammed the House Republican leader for having 'absolutely no reverence for the truth.'"

* Tragically, this coincided with the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police encouraging its members to resist the city's vaccine requirements: "Former Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo Sr., 67, who led the union during the tumultuous years immediately after the shooting of Laquan McDonald, has died after a weekslong battle with COVID-19."

See you tomorrow.