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Tuesday’s Mini-Report, 12.27.22

Today’s edition of quick hits.


Today’s edition of quick hits.

* SCOTUS voted 5-4 on this, with Gorsuch siding with the left: “The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed Title 42 — a Trump-era immigration policy implemented when the pandemic broke out to quickly expel asylum-seekers at the border — to remain in effect for now, putting a judge’s ruling that would have ended it last week on hold.”

* Water crisis in Jackson: “Residents of Mississippi’s largest city are ‘tired of apologies’ but have no choice but to endure ongoing water stoppages in the wake of extreme weather, officials said Tuesday. The city of Jackson told residents to go to any of one of four locations around town on Tuesday afternoon to pick up water, as there’s no clear end to the current crisis brought by subfreezing temperatures.”

* Southwest to receive federal scrutiny: “The Transportation Department announced it will investigate Southwest Airlines’ onslaught of cancellations that stranded hundreds of travelers and their luggage at airports and wreaked havoc on holiday plans.”

* Trump may have described the kidnapping plot as “fake,” but legal proceedings keep pointing in the opposite direction: “A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a man to 16 years in prison for his role in a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — opting against the prosecution’s bid for life behind bars.”

* Cruelty on Christmas Eve: “Three buses from Texas dropped off about 140 recent migrants — including babies and young children — near Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington in historically frigid temperatures on Saturday evening.”

* Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: “South Korea’s military fired warning shots, scrambled fighter jets and flew surveillance assets across the heavily fortified border with North Korea on Monday, after North Korean drones violated its airspace for the first time in five years, officials said.”

* Part of an unsettling pattern: “Four electricity substations in the Tacoma, Washington, area were attacked Sunday, affecting thousands of customers, authorities said.”

* For those wondering where Donald Trump’s tax returns are, the House Ways and Means Committee indicated this afternoon that they’ll be released on Friday.

* Some of the most painful public health developments are the ones that are so easy to prevent: “A rapidly growing measles outbreak in Columbus, Ohio — largely involving unvaccinated children — is fueling concerns among health officials that more parent resistance to routine childhood immunizations will intensify a resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. Most of the 82 children infected so far are old enough to get the shots, but their parents chose not to do so, officials said, resulting in the country’s largest outbreak of the highly infectious pathogen this year.”

See you tomorrow.