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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 9.14.21

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* A damaging storm: "More than half a million customers in Texas were without power Tuesday after Tropical Storm Nicholas made landfall there, threatening parts of the Gulf Coast with up to 20 inches of rain."

* New federal legislation is still welcome: "The Justice Department on Tuesday announced new limits on chokeholds and no-knock warrants, but stopped short of banning the controversial law enforcement tactics that critics say have led to unnecessary deaths."

* In related news: "Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday unveiled new rules governing federal monitors responsible for overseeing police reforms in local jurisdictions, including setting limits on the watchdogs' tenure and budgets and requiring them to undergo more training."

* I was guessing a number much larger than 700: "The Department of Homeland Security is estimating roughly 700 people will attend the 'Justice for J6' rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday and has taken steps to make sure law enforcement is better prepared than it was prior to Jan. 6, said Melissa Smislova, deputy undersecretary for intelligence enterprise readiness."

* I'm surprised the deadline isn't sooner: "All active duty soldiers are expected to be vaccinated by Dec. 15, the U.S. Army said Tuesday. 'This is quite literally a matter of life and death for our Soldiers, their families and the communities in which we live,' Lt. Gen. R. Scott Dingle, the Army's surgeon general, said in a statement."

* Spending lots of money was a very good idea: "The number of Americans living in poverty declined overall during the Covid pandemic due to the massive stimulus relief measures Congress enacted at the beginning of the crisis, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday."

* Reports like these have become so common, I've lost count of them: "Self-proclaimed 'right-wing religious fanatic' radio host Bob Enyart of Colorado, who urged a boycott of COVID-19 vaccines, has died of COVID-19, his longtime radio co-host confirmed to 9NEWS."

See you tomorrow.