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Thursday’s Mini-Report, 10.13.22

Today’s edition of quick hits.


Today’s edition of quick hits.

* Inflation is stubborn: “The annual U.S. inflation rate was little changed in September, hitting 8.2% year over year compared with August’s 8.3% reading as the pace of price increases remains at multidecade highs, causing pain for many households.”

* In related news: “The Social Security Administration announced an annual cost of living adjustment of 8.7% amid a rising inflation rate that has been punishing for Americans on fixed incomes. The adjustment represents the largest one-time increase since 1981, and the largest experienced by beneficiaries alive today.”

* In Ukraine: “Russia said on Thursday that it would help residents leave the southern Ukrainian province of Kherson, a move that comes as Ukraine has been recapturing territory in the region and Moscow continues its bombardment of the country.”

* The protests in Iran aren’t over: “Defying a lethal crackdown in cities across Iran, protesters demanding the ouster of Iran’s Islamic Republic have driven their uprising into a fourth week, with workers from the country’s vital oil sector going on strike this week and activists calling for further work stoppages and protests on Wednesday.”

* Infrastructure: “The White House hosted a summit Thursday to help speed up construction projects tied to the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure law as the Biden administration tries to improve coordination with the mayors and governors who directly account for 90% of the spending.”

* In Colorado: “President Joe Biden designated the first national monument of his administration at Camp Hale, a World War II-era training site in this state, as he called for protecting ‘treasured lands’ that tell the story of America.”

* And in Pennsylvania: “Two Donald Trump supporters who traveled to Philadelphia with guns after the 2020 presidential election were convicted on weapons charges Wednesday but acquitted on three election-related counts.”

See you tomorrow.