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Ted Cruz picks the wrong time to tout the virtues of democracy

To hear Ted Cruz tell it, Democrats “don't believe in democracy.” The slander isn’t just wrong; it’s unusually ironic.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reflected this week on the importance of the 2022 midterm elections. “It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win,” she said, referring to Democratic officials and candidates. “I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel.”

For Sen. Ted Cruz, the comments were emblematic of a larger problem. Here’s what the Texas Republican said on Fox News last night:

“They know they’re gonna lose and Nancy Pelosi’s not gonna go quietly. She’s gonna scream, she’s already preparing to scream the election was stolen. And by the way, what she means by ‘stolen’ is people showed up to vote against Democrats. That’s what stealing the election is. And remember, Democrats don’t believe in democracy.”

So, a couple of things.

First, Pelosi never said anything about the 2022 elections being “stolen.”

Second, Cruz’s timing could’ve been better.

Literally the day before the Republican senator claimed that Democrats “don’t believe in democracy,” The Washington Post published a thorough and well researched report on Cruz’s efforts to keep Donald Trump in power after the then-president lost in 2020.

An examination by The Washington Post of Cruz’s actions between Election Day and Jan. 6, 2021, shows just how deeply he was involved, working directly with Trump to concoct a plan that came closer than widely realized to keeping him in power. As Cruz went to extraordinary lengths to court Trump’s base and lay the groundwork for his own potential 2024 presidential bid, he also alienated close allies and longtime friends who accused him of abandoning his principles.

The article quoted Republican Rep. Liz Cheney explaining, “I think that Senator Cruz knew exactly what he was doing. I think that Senator Cruz is somebody who knows what the Constitution calls for, knows what his duties and obligations are, and was willing, frankly, to set that aside.”

By his own admission, Cruz “led the charge” to stand in the way of certifying the rightful winner’s election. It’s what led the editorial board of The Houston Chronicle last year to call for the Texas Republican to resign. The editorial board of The San Antonio Express News even called for Cruz’s expulsion from Congress.

Around the same time, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey appeared on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” and said, in reference to Cruz and Josh Hawley, “They’re going to have a lot of soul searching to do. And the problem is they were complicit in the Big Lie.”

Longtime Cruz friend Chad Sweet, a former CIA operative who chaired the senator’s 2016 presidential campaign, also denounced Cruz for abetting an “assault on our democracy.”

Cruz now wants people to believe Democrats are the ones who “don’t believe in democracy”? After his own well documented efforts to attack democracy as recently as last year?