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Today’s edition of quick hits.

* On the Hill: “The Senate is eying a one-week stopgap bill to push back a Friday deadline to fund the government as negotiators continue to pursue a full-year funding agreement.”

* The ongoing process to get Paul Whelan home: “Biden Administration officials met with family members of American businessman and former Marine Paul Whelan on Monday to discuss their strategy for securing his release from Russia, according to the State Department.”

* It’s tough to know whether to get too excited about reports like these, but it seems encouraging: “The Department of Energy plans to announce Tuesday that scientists have been able for the first time to produce a fusion reaction that creates a net energy gain — a major milestone in the decades-long, multibillion-dollar quest to develop a technology that provides unlimited, cheap, clean power.”

* Raid on ISIS forces: “U.S. Special Operations forces carried out a helicopter raid against the Islamic State in northeastern Syria early Sunday, killing two operatives, including one official who the military said was involved in plotting and enabling terrorist attacks.”

* The latest Jan. 6 sentencing: “Three men who prepared for violence in advance of the Jan. 6, 2021 riot, fought or confronted police protecting the U.S. Capitol and then celebrated by smoking inside the building were sentenced Friday to years in prison and ordered to forfeit money they had raised off their prosecution.”

* Keystone critics warned of leaks, and they had a point: “The operator of the Keystone Pipeline System, which carries a form of crude oil from Canada to multiple states for refining, said over the weekend that its largest breach yet has been contained for now.”

* In related news: “Oil majors portrayed themselves as committed to a clean energy transition even though their executives doubted those efforts would work and the companies poured billions of dollars into new oil and gas investments, according to a memo and internal industry documents the House Committee on Oversight and Reform released Friday.”

* Following up on a story from Friday: “A federal judge on Friday declined to hold former president Donald Trump’s office in contempt for not fully complying with a May subpoena to return all classified documents in his possession, according to people familiar with the proceedings.”

* It’s not too late to get protected: “State health officials are warning people that time is running out to get vaccinated before gathering with family over the holidays as Covid-19 cases surge nationwide alongside unseasonably severe waves of flu and respiratory syncytial virus.”

* I wonder if conservative school prayer advocates will be up in arms over this: “A teacher in Florida was fired after allegedly disrupting Muslim students as they prayed and accusing them of doing 'magic,' according to a TikTok video that has gone viral.”

See you tomorrow.