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Monday’s Campaign Round-Up, 3.27.23

Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

* In case there were any doubts about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s future electoral plans, the Massachusetts Democrat announced that she will seek re-election next year. “[T]here’s a lot more we’ve got to do,” the incumbent senator said in an announcement this morning.

* In California’s open U.S. Senate race, there’s been a fair amount of speculation about Rep. Ro Khanna’s plans, but the Democratic congressman announced yesterday that he’s passing on the statewide race. Khanna added that he’s endorsing fellow progressive Rep. Barbara Lee, who kicked off her Senate campaign last month.

* Speaking of endorsements, the finalists in Chicago’s mayoral election have been seeking out high-profile Democratic supporters, and Paul Vallas just picked up a big one: Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin has thrown his support behind Vallas. The election is a week from tomorrow.

* There hasn’t been any significant chatter about Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp running for president, but the Republican added some additional clarity late last week, telling The Wall Street Journal that he’s not interested in the 2024 race.

* Speaking of Georgia, Donald Trump’s efforts to get Herschel Walker elected to the Senate didn’t turn out well, but the former president is apparently undaunted. At his rally in Waco, Texas, on Saturday, Trump told right-wing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene he would “fight like hell” to get her elected to the Senate in 2026.

* Speaking of the former president, Trump told Newsmax on Friday night that he wouldn’t choose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his 2024 running mate. This came on the heels of the GOP governor saying he wouldn’t accept such a role.

* And in Michigan, new state GOP Chair Kristina Karamo sat down with MLive’s Simon Schuster late last week for a lengthy interview, in which the right-wing conspiracy theorist said she didn’t know if she’s ever seen a legitimate election in her home state. The chair of the Michigan Republican Party also said she believes members of her own party have “been involved in corrupted elections.”