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Monday's Mini-Report, 6.8.20

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* Minneapolis: "A majority of the Minneapolis City Council agreed Sunday to dismantle the city's police department after the in-custody killing of George Floyd, a council member said."

* In related news: "Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, who is facing murder charges in the fatal arrest of George Floyd, was granted bail Monday at his first court appearance."

* The Justice in Policing Act: "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other top Democrats in the House and the Senate on Monday unveiled far-reaching legislation to overhaul policing in the United States as protests over excessive force by law enforcement against African Americans and others have gripped the nation."

* That's a lot of people: "Shutdown orders prevented about 60 million novel coronavirus infections in the United States and 285 million in China, according to a research study published Monday that examined how stay-at-home orders and other restrictions limited the spread of the contagion."

* Seems overdue: "The U.S. Marine Corps on Friday issued detailed directives about removing and banning public displays of the Confederate battle flag at Marine installations -- an order that extended to such items as mugs, posters and bumper stickers."

* Ohio: "An Ohio National Guardsman was removed from policing protests in Washington D.C. after the FBI found he expressed white supremacist ideology online, Gov. Mike DeWine announced in a briefing Friday."

* Oversight is a principle worth caring about: "Democrats admonished Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley on Friday after the pair refused to appear publicly before the House Armed Services Committee next week on the use of the military to respond to protests throughout the country."

* Climate crisis: "[S]huttering the global economy was insufficient to prevent May 2020 from going down as the hottest month on record, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service."

* Another outrageous member of Team Trump: "Merritt Corrigan, USAID's new deputy White House liaison, has condemned the 'tyrannical LGBT agenda' and celebrated Hungary's right-wing prime minister as 'the shining champion of Western civilization.'"

* I hope Trump didn't give them any ideas: "The CDC released data on Friday from a survey commissioned to understand why more people have been calling poison control centers... What they found: Roughly 200 adults who responded to the survey in May said they intentionally inhaled disinfectants, washed food with bleach, or applied household cleaning products to bare skin to combat the virus -- all of which are dangerous."

* Remember when Trump pretended to be a champion of birds while making the case against wind power? "The Trump administration moved forward Friday with plans to scale back a century-old law protecting most American wild bird species despite warnings that billions of birds could die as a result. Officials said in a draft study of the proposal that it could result in more deaths of birds that land in oil pits or collide with power lines or other structures."

See you tomorrow.