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Monday's Mini-Report, 5.17.21

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* Middle East: "The Israeli military pounded the Gaza strip again early Monday, a day after dozens of Palestinians were killed in Israeli air raids amid growing international calls for an end to the bloodshed. Hamas also pressed on, launching rockets at southern Israeli cities in the early hours."

* On a related note, Secretary of State Antony Blinken "said he had asked Israel for any evidence for its claim that Hamas was operating in an Gaza office building housing The Associated Press and Al Jazeera news bureaus that was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike over the weekend. But he said that he personally had 'not seen any information provided.'"

* Keep going: "President Joe Biden announced Monday that his administration will send an additional 20 million Covid-19 vaccines abroad by the end of June, including for the first time vaccines that have been approved for use in the United States.... The 20 million doses of U.S.-approved shots are in addition to Biden's previous commitment to give 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to other countries, meaning that 80 million doses are expected to be shared with the world within the next few weeks."

* Lifelines: "The Biden administration announced Monday that about 39 million families will begin receiving monthly child tax credit payments for the first time starting July 15. The payments, which are part of the expanded child tax credit program in the American Rescue Plan, are expected to dramatically reduce child poverty, administration officials said."

* Executions: "South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has signed into law a bill that forces death row inmates for now to choose between the electric chair or a newly formed firing squad in hopes the state can restart executions after an involuntary 10-year pause. South Carolina had been one of the most prolific states of its size in putting inmates to death. But a lack of lethal injection drugs brought executions to a halt."

* DHS: "The Department of Homeland Security issued a new threat bulletin Friday through its National Terrorism Advisory System reaffirming the risk posed by domestic extremists, the second time since Biden took office that DHS has issued a warning about homegrown attackers."

* Oh my: "A Space Force lieutenant colonel has been removed from his command after appearing on a conservative podcast criticizing the United States military. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier joined The Steve Gruber show to discuss his new book ... which alleges that Marxist ideologies are becoming widespread within the armed forces."

* Economic data: "Shoppers extended stimulus-induced spending in April, maintaining a level of retail sales from the prior month with increased expenditures on autos and dining out."

* Good moves: "President Joe Biden on Friday revoked a series of controversial executive orders issued by the Trump administration, striking down his predecessor's decisions in areas ranging from monument protection to immigration restrictions."

* Mississippi: "The Mississippi Supreme Court on Friday struck down a medical marijuana initiative that was approved by voters in November — and the ruling is likely to doom other voter initiatives in the state as well. Of the 1.3 million people who cast ballots there in November, more than half — 766,000 — voted to establish a state medical marijuana program."

* Tanden's new gig: "A contentious nomination process kept Neera Tanden out of President Joe Biden's Cabinet, but she still landed in the White House."

See you tomorrow.