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Monday's Mini-Report, 5.11.20

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* A new posture: "The White House began requiring all staffers entering the West Wing to wear a facial covering Monday, and asked aides to avoid going there 'unless you absolutely need to conduct in-person business in the West Wing,' according to a memo sent to staffers."

* Supply chains matter: "Meeting the overwhelming demand for a successful coronavirus vaccine will require a historic amount of coordination by scientists, drugmakers and the government. The nation's supply chain isn't anywhere close to ready for such an effort."

* AP poll: "A majority of Americans disapprove of protests against restrictions aimed at preventing the spread the coronavirus, according to a new poll that also finds the still-expansive support for such limits -- including restaurant closures and stay-at-home orders -- has dipped in recent weeks."

* Mary McCord, the former acting assistant attorney general for national security at the Department of Justice, has accused Bill Barr's Justice Department of "twisting" her words in the Michael Flynn case.

* On a related note, Jonathan Kravis, a former federal prosecutor for 10 years, resigned in light of the Justice Department's handling of the Roger Stone case: "At the time, I thought that the handling of the Stone case, with senior officials intervening to recommend a lower sentence for a longtime ally of President Trump, was a disastrous mistake that the department would not make again. I was wrong. Last week, the department again put political patronage ahead of its commitment to the rule of law."

* The Ahmaud Arbery case: "Georgia's attorney general asked the U.S. Justice Department on Sunday to investigate how local authorities handled the killing of Ahmaud Arbery."

* Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro isn't just mishandling the pandemic, he's simultaneously accelerating deforestation: "Logging and mining operations have accelerated their destruction of sizable patches of the Amazon rainforest during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an NBC News analysis of satellite imagery captured by the European Space Agency."

* At the intersection of the EcoHealth Alliance, 60 Minutes, and a confused president: "How misinformation, filtered through Fox News and conservative media, became Trump administration policy."

* A worthwhile reminder: "Repeat After Me: The Markets Are Not the Economy."

See you tomorrow.