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Monday's Mini-Report, 11.2.20

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* Pandemic: "On the eve of an election that has become for many Americans a referendum on President Donald Trump's pandemic performance, Covid-19 cases were rising rapidly in virtually every state as the death toll continued to climb, the latest NBC News figures showed Monday."

* The judge in this case is known as a GOP favorite: "A federal judge Monday ruled against Texas Republicans who sued to toss out more than 127,000 ballots cast in drive-thru voting booths in Harris County, declaring that the plaintiffs didn't have standing to sue."

* Philippines: "A powerful super typhoon slammed into the eastern Philippines with ferocious winds Sunday, killing at least seven people and causing volcanic mudflows to bury houses before weakening as it blew toward Manila, where the capital's main airport was shut down, officials said."

* Speaking of natural disasters: "Eta rapidly intensified early Monday to become the 12th hurricane this season and is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane before making landfall on Tuesday."

* Austria: "A 'larger police operation' is under way Monday in Vienna, Austria, after reports of a shooting and injuries in the city's inner district."

* The DeRay Mckesson case: "The Supreme Court on Monday sent back to the lower courts a lawsuit arising from a 2016 Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, against the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling."

* North Carolina: "Police officers and sheriff's deputies in Graham, N.C., deployed a chemical spray and arrested eight people at a march and rally on Saturday that were intended to honor George Floyd and encourage people to vote, according to the police and participants."

* Kentucky: "A slide show once shown to cadets training to join the Kentucky State Police includes quotations attributed to Adolf Hitler and Robert E. Lee, says troopers should be warriors who 'always fight to the death' and encourages each trooper in training to be a 'ruthless killer.'"

* What a bizarre story: "A group of protesters gathered in front of Attorney General William Barr's McLean, Virginia home on Saturday evening where they called for Barr to "lock up" his Democratic opponent Joe Biden."

* Interesting story: "When the Trump administration gave a well-connected Republican donor seed money to test a possible COVID-19-fighting blood plasma technology, it noted the company's 'manufacturing facilities' in Charleston, South Carolina. Plasma Technologies LLC is indeed based in the stately waterfront city. But there are no manufacturing facilities. Instead, the company exists within the luxury condo of its majority owner, Eugene Zurlo."

* How does this keep happening? "Supporters at Trump's rally in Rome, Georgia last night were marooned outside the venue in what NBC News correspondent Julie Tsirkin reported as windy, 46-degree weather after Trump and his entourage disappeared."

* A video heavily made the rounds online over the weekend, featuring Joe Biden saying, "Hello, Minnesota!" while in Florida. The problem is, the video was doctored and isn't true.

See you tomorrow.