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Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.22.20

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.


Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

* As part of the rollout of his new book, former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton described Donald Trump as a "danger for the republic" -- who would be an even greater threat if rewarded with a second term.

* Late Saturday, when they probably hoped people wouldn't notice, campaign officials from the RNC and Team Trump disclosed a May fundraising haul of $74 million. That's not a bad number, but it is short of the $80.8 million raised by the DNC and Joe Biden's operation. (The Republican ticket still enjoys a sizable cash-on-hand advantage.)

* Ahead of the president's rally in Tulsa on Saturday night, six members of Trump's campaign staff -- each of whom were in Tulsa to help set up the rally -- tested positive for the coronavirus.

* On a related note, the president was reportedly "fuming," not about the six positive test results, but about the fact that the public learned about the six positive test results.

* The Lincoln Project, a group led by anti-Trump Republicans, acted with great speed over the weekend to put together a new ad mocking the president's poor attendance at his Oklahoma event. The minute-long clip includes some not-so-subtle sexual innuendo.

* As Kentucky gets ready for its Primary Day tomorrow, the Washington Post reports, "Fewer than 200 polling places will be open for voters in Kentucky's primary Tuesday, down from 3,700 in a typical election year. Amid a huge influx in requests for mail-in ballots, some voters still had not received theirs days before they must be turned in. And turnout is expected to be higher than in past primaries because of a suddenly competitive fight for the Democratic Senate nomination."

* Incidentally, there are also primary elections tomorrow in New York and Virginia.

* And Biden's team has asked Ted Kaufman, a longtime aide to the Delaware Democrat, to help lead a transition team, and NBC News reports that Kaufman has "tapped a half-dozen government veterans to work with him as part of a formal transition operation."