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Friday's Mini-Report, 5.7.21

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* Minnesota: "A federal grand jury has indicted Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers on charges of violating George Floyd's civil rights during the arrest that led to his death last year, according to the indictment unsealed Friday."

* The political climate in Arizona is growing more toxic: "Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has assigned protection to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs after death threats amid the latest election audit."

* CDC: "Dr. Nancy Messonnier, who drew fury from then-President Donald Trump when she first warned Americans publicly to prepare for the coronavirus, has resigned from her position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

* Yesterday's school shooting: "Three people, including two students, were shot Thursday at an Idaho middle school, according to officials."

* Keep an eye on this one: "If Florida won't allow Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for passengers and crew, the company's CEO says it will take its ships elsewhere."

* Quite a story about the Jan. 6 riot: "In the six months leading up to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Anthony Antonio spent his days watching Fox News — a habit that actually made him ill, his attorney told a D.C. federal magistrate judge on Thursday. His ailment? 'Foxitis,' his attorney said, the HuffPost reported. 'He became hooked with what I call ... 'Foxmania.'"

* A growing trend? "South Carolina will stop federal unemployment benefits at the end of June as Republican Gov. Henry McMaster tries to please businesses that are complaining they can't find workers."

* Brian Kolfage: "An Air Force veteran who prosecutors allege worked with Stephen K. Bannon — President Donald Trump's former chief strategist — to defraud donors to a fundraising campaign for a U.S.-Mexico border wall has been indicted on new tax charges."

* Net neutrality debate: "Nearly 18 million fake comments were filed with the Federal Communications Commission over its proposal to scale back internet regulation, fueled by both opponents and supporters of the rule, an investigation by the New York attorney general's office found."

* The footage was quite amazing: "A state senator in Ohio might have fooled anyone who watched a state board meeting this week into thinking he was attending from home if not for one thing: the seatbelt strapped across his chest."

* Be careful out there: "It's 10-stories tall and twice as heavy as a school bus, and it's set to crash back to Earth this weekend — but no one is quite sure where or when. A piece of a rocket launched by China in late April is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, according to experts and officials."

Have a safe weekend.