A look at stuck (plight of the Xue Long)

The latest update to Friday's update of Thursday's story of the rescue of researchers who'd been stranded in Antarctic ice is that the U.S. Coast Guard is sending yet another ice-breaker to try to help free the Chinese ship that conducted Thursday's rescue by helicopter.

According to my figuring on Google Maps, using the coordinates from the expedition tracker on The Spirit of Mawson's web site, and the coordinates of the Xue Long given by MarineTraffic.com (our old friend), it looks like the second stuck ship is just 13 miles from the first one, so maybe it's not so surprising that it too ran into trouble.

But its icebound state is not for lack of trying.

Over the weekend I took this picture of the Xue Long's track for the previous few days as recorded by MarineTraffic.com: