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Links for the June 19, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Friday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Trymaine Lee, MSNBC national reporter
  • South Carolina State Senator Vincent Sheheen
  • Tarek Ismail, former counterterrorism and human rights fellow at Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute

Tonight's links:

President Obama at U.S. Conference of Mayors

April 20, 2000 - After Campaigning on Candor, McCain Admits He Lacked It on Confederate Flag Issue

Jeb Bush: 'I Don't Know What Was On The Mind' Of Charleston Shooter

Why calling the Charleston shooting terrorism is important to so many people

Attorney General Lynch: Charleston shooting 'barbaric'

Get Real: Charleston Church Shooting Was Terrorism

Why the Charleston Shooter Should Be Called a Terrorist

Was the Charleston Massacre an Act of Terrorism?

Many Ask, Why Not Call Church Shooting Terrorism?

Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code

All Syria chemical weapons effluent destroyed: watchdog

McGovern resolution (pdf)

Several events set to honor shooting victims

Historic Charleston churches to ring bells in unity Sunday for shooting victims