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Links for the 6/30 TRMS

Links for the 6/30 TRMS
Links for the 6/30 TRMS

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

Majority Think Military Involved in Too Many Places

Record Number Favors Removing U.S. Troops from Afghanistan

CNN Poll: Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq? (pdf)

Poll: Public opposes Libya military action

Republicans Reject the Republican Offer on Deficit Cutting Mix, or Democrats Propose the AEI Plan on Tax Increases vs Spending Cuts

Republicans reject their own deficit-reduction report

Wars to Leave $4 Trillion Hole in US Budget: Study

Gates lobbies for more funds — for State

Clinton: GOP's State Dept. cuts 'detrimental' to national security

Health Care: Republicans Oppose Their Own Idea

Remember When Cap and Trade Was a GOP Idea?

Christmas Time is Here

Spend Less, Owe Less, Grow the Economy (pdf)

North Korea blame loss to U.S. on players getting struck by lightning

The Associated Press announces agreements to expand access in North Korea

AP to open bureau in North Korea

Deputies: 'There Is No Poop Fairy'

Re: There is no Poop Fairy!

The Myth of the Poop Fairy