Links for the 3/3 TRMS

EU foreign ministers weigh responses to Putin

December 03, 1991 - Ukraine Votes to Quit Soviet Union : Independence: More than 90% of voters approve historic break with Kremlin. The president-elect calls for collective command of the country's nuclear arsenal.

August 03, 1994 - Gore Woos Ukraine With Promises of Aid in Return for Disarmament Steps

June 2, 1993 - Ukraine Transfers Its Last Nuclear Warhead to Russia

JUne 4, 1993 - Ukraine Premier Favors Keeping Nuclear Arms

The Budapest Agreement (pdf)

G-7 Leaders Statement

North Atlantic Council statement on the situation in Ukraine

Obama: Russia's actions in Ukraine put Putin on the 'wrong side of history'

U.S. Suspends Military Relations With Russia

World Leaders to Boycott G-8 Summit in Sochi

Pressure Rising as Obama Works to Rein In Russia

Russia analysis brief

Is Europe's gas supply threatened by the Ukraine crisis?

Russian military issues ultimatum to Ukraine: Surrender by 5 a.m. on March 4 or face attack