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Links for the 2/14 TRMS

Citations for Friday night's show ...

Obama to Announce Aid for Drought-Racked California

Obama to propose $1 billion climate fund

Obama to meet Jordan’s king in California desert

Vice President Biden at House Democratic Retreat

Cruz: GOP senators think they have 'gullible constituents'

Democrats' Retreat Features Obama, Biden, Strategy, and Wine Tasting (Optional)

Boehner pitches immigration reform at GOP retreat, but not many takers

Analysis: GOP Retreat on Debt Limit A Second-Term Win for Obama

Ted Cruz's debt ceiling filibuster puts heat on Cornyn, other GOP senators

6 Republican Senators Switched Their Debt Limit Votes

Federal court ruling on Virginia same-sex marriage ban (pdf)

Obama and Jordan’s King Take Visit on the Road

Barack Obama - ‏@BarackObama - Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please.

Attorney General Eric Holder denounces ‘stand your ground’ laws

Eric Holder: Stand Your Ground undermines public safety

Justice Department sues Texas over voter ID law

Holder seeks limits on mandatory minimum sentencing

Justice Dept. won't challenge state marijuana laws

Same-sex marriages in Utah legal under federal law, Attorney General Holder says

More Federal Privileges to Extend to Same-Sex Couples

Besieged Atty. Gen. Eric Holder will leave a mixed legacy

Judge: Ky. must recognize same-sex marriages

Oklahoma’s Ban on Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

Federal judge strikes down Va. ban on gay marriage

Feds open criminal probe into N.C. coal ash spill

Feds launch criminal probe into coal ash spill

U.S. subpoena to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural REsources (pdf)

NC regulators shielded Duke's coal ash pollution

N.C. seeks delay in Duke Energy settlement after Dan River spill

NC tells downstream users not to touch polluted Dan River water or eat the fish

Update: EPA to investigate group's claim on Dan River pollution