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Icbreaker POLAR SEA sidelined by engine troubles

Ships Crossing an Icy Sea to Bring Fuel to Alaskan Community

Coast Guard Icebreaker Polar Star Back in Service

Australian ice-breaker ship attempts to rescue trapped Russian boat with 70 tourists on board in Antarctica after Chinese vessel fails

Helicopter rescues 52 passengers from Russian ship stuck in Antarctic ice

Chinese ship in Antarctica rescue stuck in ice

Rescued Antarctic Passengers Resume Journey Home

Akademik Shokalskiy rescue: How mission came undone by 'one giant meringue'

Seattle's Polar Star heads to Antarctica to aid stranded ships

In Congress, 2014 begins with shrunken ambitions

Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Fed chairman

House G.O.P. Trims Agenda, Looking to Avert Election-Year Trouble

Unemployment insurance extension hangs in the balance

White House presses to extend unemployment benefits



EXCLUSIVE: Republicans set to deliver big statement on abortion

Giving new meaning to ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress

The rapid surge of state abortion restrictions — in one chart

Access to Abortion Falling as States Pass Restrictions

Judges ask: How bad is too bad for Texas women seeking abortions?

David Guttenfelder on Instagram

Insurgents could quickly bounce back in Afghanistan, analysis warns

Afghanistan gains will be lost quickly after drawdown, U.S. intelligence estimate warns

Blast Hits Kabul Military Base, and Eastern Afghanistan Bombing Kills American

Romney wins Idaho's first GOP caucus

Amends existing law to delete reference to the Presidential Preference Primary

Idaho GOP Halts Presidential Caucuses

Utah Man Starving Himself To Stop Same-Sex Marriages

Trestin Meacham - ‏@TrestinMeacham1 - I've been disappointed with the lack of pizza people have sent (only 1) Please feel free to send more today.

Trestin Meacham - ‏@TrestinMeacham1 - The fast had other purposes than what was shared with the public. One was to expose the hated of the supposedly tolerant homosexual movement

Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report

Release the hounds! Kim Jong Un executed uncle by feeding him to pack of starving dogs

Kim Jong-Un Killed His Uncle With A Pack Of 120 Hungry Dogs [REPORT]

Did Kim Jong Un feed his uncle to dogs?

Source of the North Korea dog story