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Links for the 12/26 TRMS

Just a few links people asked about from tonight's show

A few people on the Twitter tonight asked about hearing the LBJ recording. The whole thing can be heard here along with a transcription.

David Finlayson's zoomy trombone video is here in his YouTube channel.

The Turkish game show host story turns out to have yet another twist and I'm still trying to figure it out. The show for which he was suspended was back in June. But the host and the show, Kelime Oyunu, did come back. Here's their Facebook page with the most recent post as of right now having come on December 22nd announcing comedian Cem Yilmaz as the guest for their New Year's Eve show.

And so when we taped this look-back TRMS, he was still on the air.

But! I did a casual look to see if I could find an article to link to that had some follow-up, and the miserable translations from Google seemed to be saying the show had been cancelled (or "unpublished"). This story in English explains that the show's ratings should have justified its continued airing, and speculates that it was another subversive question (which, frankly, I don't understand) that got them in trouble. Anyway, this tweet from December 24 seems to be the host breaking the news of the cancellation to viewers. Again, the online translation tools are terrible, so any Turkish speakers who can help me out here would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I mentioned spending a lot of time with Tricia trying to figure out how best to show the Putin/dog similaries, at one point actually grafting the dog's features onto the Putin photo to try to figure out what the heck made them look so similar. Ultimately the decision was made to just fade between them. Here's what it looks like with the dog features added but I still can't figure out where the resemblance comes from. Maybe it's the shape of the top of the head?