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Links for the 12/19 TRMS

Citations for Thursday's show

Army general’s report defends decision to build $36 million headquarters in Afghanistan

Flickr: Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

SIGAR report on Afghanistan base (pdf)

U.S. paid $5.4 million for unusable incinerators at Afghan base: inspector

Forward Operating Base Sharana: Poor Planning and Construction Resulted in $5.4 Million Spent for Inoperable Incinerators and Continued Use of Open-Air Burn Pits (pdf) 

Six U.S. soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Senators to Obama: Congress Must Vote Before Another Decade of War in Afghanistan

NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act

Gillibrand sees assault vote slip away

Passed in House, NDAA now heads to Senate

Senators, defying White House, push a new Iran sanctions bill

Exclusive: Top Senate Democrats Break with White House and Circulate New Iran Sanctions Bill

Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (pdf)

Crippled By Sanctions, Iran's Economy Key In Nuclear Deal

Iran, six powers to resume nuclear talks after snag

U.N.’s Nuclear Inspectors Arrive in Iran

Exclusive: Iran’s Foreign Minister Says Sanctions Would Kill Nuclear Deal

Senate committee chairs' letter to Harry Reid (pdf)

Russian amnesty bill to include Greenpeace crew

Amnesty Bill in Russia Could Free Activists

Vladimir Putin says he will pardon jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky

President Obama Grants Pardons and Commutation

Obama Commutes Sentences for 8 in Crack Cocaine Cases

To apply reduced sentences for certain cocaine base offenses retroactively for certain offenders, and for other purposes. (pdf)

To focus limited Federal resources on the most serious offenders. (pdf)

Christmas Tree Month

Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell to tour state amid scandal

Star Scientific chief thought McDonnell was helping firm get state funding

Brother of Star CEO did work on Va. Gov. Robert McDonnell’s home

Attorneys for McDonnells to meet with prosecutors

Feds, state probing first lady's purchase of Star stock

Governor has returned ‘tangible’ gifts, legal team says

In probe of Va. Gov. McDonnell, prosecutors agreed to delay decision on charges

Virginia first lady owned Star Scientific stock

Gov. McDonnell’s Broken Friendship, Investigation Grew From Common Past

Attorneys for McDonnells to meet with prosecutors as key phase opens in gifts probe

Probe into gifts to McDonnells finds new undisclosed items valued at tens of thousands

McDonnell helped benefactor get meeting with Va. health secretary, e-mails show

Prosecutors set deadline for McDonnell investigation

Star CEO says he told McDonnell of loan to first lady

In probe of Va. Gov. McDonnell, prosecutors agreed to delay decision on charges

Senate GOP to skip town, leave Dems working weekend shift

Paris auction house sells Hopi masks despite tribe's objection

Paris auction of Hopi masks and artifacts nets $1.2 million

Judge approves auction of sacred Hopi masks

Hopis Try to Stop Paris Sale of Artifacts

Secret Bids Guide Hopi Indians’ Spirits Home

Annenberg Foundation was anonymous bidder for Native American artifacts