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Links for the 12/16 TRMS

Citations for Monday's show

Katherine Clark posts lopsided victory in race to fill Markey's House seat

UPDATED: Tea Party gun group seeks to overturn 2012 election

Resolution urging passage of legislation relating to gun permitting in the town of exeter (pdf)

Town of Exeter sample ballot (pdf)

RI town defeats recall attempt for gun changes

Colorado governor signs gun control laws expanding background checks, limiting gun magazine size

Colorado Dem faces recall effort over gun control support

Hudak resigns seat to end recall threat, hold Democrats’ Senate majority

Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke announces bid to run for state Senate

Newest speaker at State of Jefferson “Independence Day is Coming” 9-20-13 in Yreka, CA

Will upstate NY cops, sheriffs enforce gun control laws?

Judge Questions Legality of N.S.A. Phone Records

Tennessee targets ‘gateway sexual activities’

Rachel Maddow MSNBC - ‏@maddow - Dear Governor Haslam: please call me if you need to borrow , OK?

Looking at ‘The Boss’ Through a Spiritual Lens

Bruce Springsteen -v- Jeff Burgar and Bruce Springsteen Club

WIPO Returns Julia Roberts' Runaway Domain Name

Officials On George Washington Bridge Closures: There Was No Traffic Study

The New Jersey Traffic Conspiracy

Port Authority scandal: The rising star and the mystery man inside a growing investigation

These Are the Domain Names Purchased by the Former Christie Appointee to the Port Authority

Ex-blogger is Governor Christie's eyes, ears inside the Port Authority

Port Authority exec behind GWB closure bought Web addresses named for agency chief, Barbara Buono

Exec Wrapped Up In George Washington Bridge Scandal Buys Domains With Public Officials’ Names

Senate Republicans Block Another Obama Nominee to D.C. Circuit Court

Obama judicial nominees getting to crunch time

Senate Democrats, Accusing G.O.P. of Obstruction, Try to Force Hagel Vote

Filibuster by Senate Republicans Blocks Confirmation of Judicial Nominee

U.S. Senate goes 'nuclear,' changes filibuster rules