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Links for the 11/2 TRMS

Links cited on tonight's show:
Links for the 11/2 TRMS
Links for the 11/2 TRMS

Links cited on tonight's show:

Obama's jobs bill stalled in Senate

Manchin Announces 'Rebuild America Jobs Act' On His Tour Of 'Commonsense Ideas For A Stronger America'

Congressional hearing sought over voter ID laws sweeping states

Nelson wants congressional hearing on state's new voting rules

Introducing the Same Day Registration and Voter Access Protection Act

BALLOT PROPOSITION #106 - Fair Districts, Fair Elections (pdf)

Redistricting Panel Adopts Draft Legislative Map (pdf)

Special session called to dismantle Ariz. redistricting commission

Sex, Drug Use and Graft Cited in Interior Department

Oil, sex & money: Federal agency accused of sleazy antics

OIG Investigations of MMS Employees (pdf)

Solyndra: House committee grills officials over failed solar firm

The birthing of Solyndra

OVERNIGHT ENERGY: GOP set to escalate Solyndra battle with Obama

TransCanada Pipeline Foes See U.S. Bias in E-Mails

President Obama implies he will rule on Keystone XL pipeline

Here's that Keystone Pipeline map

Nuclear power plant remains offline after August earthquake

North Anna Nuclear Plant: East Coast Earthquake Shake Exceeded Design, Officials Say

Japan reactor restarts; new glitch hits Fukushima

Palisades, Japan nuke plants similar

Radioactive water found under Ga. nuke plant

Seabrook nuclear plant back on line

Reactors could fail during an earthquake, maker says

Nuclear 'Renaissance' Is Short on Largess

Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance