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'Income inequality' meets 'corporate greed'

Rachel spots this chart and report from Pew journalism center:Last week, the U.S. economy was the No.
Click for the full report.
Click for the full report.

Rachel spots this chart and report from Pew journalism center:

Last week, the U.S. economy was the No. 1 story at 22% of the newshole, with the majority of that coverage focused on the confrontations between protesters, law enforcement, and the city governments that preside over the public spaces that have become encampments.

We've also been tracking the prevalence of "income inequality" and "corporate greed" in the news. Yesterday, Congressman Paul Ryan's chart about poor people owning TVs, air conditioners and cars drew this response from @Tracypaints:

My tv? My best friend gave me his used one when he got a new one. Cable? nope. Xbox? really? What is that? My computer is so old if you run two programs on it, it shuts down. My cell phone is no contract month to month and I got the more expensive one so I could have access to internet that I could afford. A car? No, sorry Mr. Ryan I don't own a car. When it came to a choice between being able to afford an apartment or a car, I chose the apartment. Starving? well, no, but my dollar buys less and less as food prices rise so I settle for food that's cheaper or less nutritious. Health care? Well there's always the emergency room, I guess, but since my employer classifies me as part time to avoid giving me insurance (or any benefits for that matter) even though I work at least 40 hours a week, nope, none of that either.Yeah I'm one of those dirty, lazy, poor liberals who has worked my entire life, am grateful right now to have a job, and am facing the extinction of Medicare and Social Security before I am old enough to retire so that the Koch Brothers can buy another yacht. Of course my poverty is my own fault, because as a liberal I'm not ambitious enough to walk over the backs of the poor to make an extra buck.