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I can name that tune in...

President Obama stopped himself before the press corps could guess what he was whistling. Do you recognize it?

WASHINGTON -- It didn’t go unnoticed by the White House press corps that after President Obama finished his remarks at the top of his first official Cabinet meeting of the year, he began to whistle. Yes. Whistle.

The one thing the press could agree on was we couldn’t agree on what the heck he was whistling.

Peter Maer of CBS Radio tweeted, “Not sure about the tune but President Obama loudly whistled as media left the Cabinet Room photo op.”

And Mike Viqueira of Al Jazeera America tweeted, “So as the press is being ushered out of the Cabinet Room photo-op, POTUS starts whistling. @sarahmcourtney and I can't place the tune.”

Perhaps everybody is having a hard time placing the tune because the president didn’t finish it. According to NBC’s Stacey Klein, who was in the room for the remarks, the president became aware he could be on the verge of Whistle-Gate and said to his assembled Cabinet, “I guess I shouldn’t be doing that.” His cabinet laughed.

But let’s put the question to the vast resources of the interwebs. What do you think he was whistling: