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Hoth all over

How's the weather out there?

Without question my favorite meme this winter is turning snow photos into Hoth scenes. Most recent inspriation comes from this great Colin McGreal set, which followed Henry Hargreaves' set that came in the wake of this season's Boxing Day blizzard. But there are some earlier examples as well, like this one done with toys, and this one from last year,taking advantage of winter fog.

A couple more of my own efforts plus some tips after the jump...

Having some fog or low visibility conditions is part of what makes these fun to play with because you can hide a lot of sloppiness. Unfortunately for me, I shot my photos with heavy snow falling so blending required putting snow on top of my AT-AT layers. To do that I copied an area of the photo where snow was falling in front of a solid color. Switch that to black and white, select a snowflake and "similar" and copy that to a layer. Adjust the brightness and do some blending and there's your snow layer.

Also, Google gave me better results when I put "Empire Strikes Back" in there along with Hoth.

If you want to try it but don't have a good snow photo, let me know. I shot a ton of blanks.