Heard in Kentucky: 'Will there be dinosaurs on the ark?'

There are some questions you'd probably rather not answer when you're the governor of Kentucky, and Gov. Steve Beshear got one of those yesterday. Our pal at Barefoot and Progressive, Joe Sonka, went to a press conference for the new "Creation Museum" that's seeking state tax breaks. It's supposed to be a sort of anti-evolution theme park, starring a full-scale Noah's Ark."Will there be dinosaurs on the ark?" Sonka asked Gov. Beshear, who went silent. Off-mic, an Answers in Genesis rep starts to fill in the silence -- saying that they'll follow the Bible on that. He then steps to the podium and says,

"I'm sure we'll have representative kinds of animals on the ark, to include dinosaurs."

So in case you were wondering, Noah loaded some serious tonnage of what might be a pair pair of apotosaurus and their many kin right along with the goats and cows. Upsized estimate of the ark's dimensions here.[Barefoot and Progressive]