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Gay Republicans really mad at Perry

<p>Being an out and gay Republican must get so trying sometimes.</p>
Instant folk art.
Instant folk art.

Being an out and gay Republican must get so trying sometimes. Texas Governor Rick Perry knocks you around so he can win a few points in Iowa, maybe, and that's considered smart politics. GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia tells the Hill:

“They certainly are showing desperation. We’re seeing the end times of the Perry campaign. This is a strategy that plays to a very, very small minority — playing to the cheap seats is what it is.”

And then the press writes you up as "seething" and "fuming," and you know, there are other verbs for getting mad as hell. That's the genius of Tinky Winky's surprise visit to Mr. Perry -- your outrage works for you, and not the other way around.

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