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Friday's Mini-Report, 8.28.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Migrant deaths: "Europe reeled from fresh shocks in its escalating migration crisis Friday, with reports of 150 drownings in the Mediterranean and news that far more migrant corpses had been found crammed in an abandoned refrigeration truck in Austria than first thought. Damage to the vehicle’s side raised the possibility that victims had struggled to escape."
* NSA: "A federal appeals court on Friday reversed a trial court decision that would have barred the government from continuing its post-9/11 bulk data collection program implemented by the National Security Agency. The decision means that, for now, the NSA program implemented under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act can continue unimpeded."
* Storm preparation: "The governor of Florida declared a state of emergency Friday ahead of Tropical Storm Erika, which has killed at least 12 people as it rakes the Caribbean. Gov. Rick Scott said the storm constitutes a 'severe threat.' Erika is expected to reach Florida late Sunday or early Monday, but it’s not clear how strong the storm will be."
* Free speech: "Demonstrators can’t use the Supreme Court’s outdoor plaza as a stage for their messages, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. A federal law prohibiting such demonstrations is justified by the government’s interest in 'preserving decorum' at the Supreme Court and promoting the image of a judiciary 'uninfluenced by public opinion and pressure,' the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said."
* Gun violence: "A college junior died after being shot Thursday night in Savannah State University’s student union building. Christopher Starks, who is from the metro Atlanta area, died at a local hospital, the college said in a statement. The campus had earlier been locked down 'due to a shooting incident.'"
* Iraq: "In a further setback to the faltering American and Iraqi campaign to retake Anbar Province from the Islamic State, two Iraqi generals were killed in a suicide attack by the group Thursday morning outside Ramadi, the provincial capital."
* NLRB: "A federal labor board voted Thursday to redefine the employee-employer relationship granting new bargaining powers to workers caught up in an economy increasingly reliant on subcontractors, franchisees and temporary staffing agencies."
* Connecticut: "Earlier this year, advocates counted 41 chronically homeless veterans living on Connecticut's streets. On Thursday, state and federal officials proclaimed that housing has now been found for all those troubled vets, calling it a landmark in the effort to help veterans."
* David Ignatius isn't buying the Clinton email "scandal." All available evidence suggests he's right.
* And on a more personal note, never give up, never surrender: "As reported back in April, Paramount Television was developing a TV series based on the aforementioned 1999 film. Now, reports, the smaller-screen Galaxy Quest has touched down at Amazon."
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