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Friday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:* On the streets of Egypt, two years later.* Saeed al-Shihri: "Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen died in a U.S.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* On the streets of Egypt, two years later.

* Saeed al-Shihri: "Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen died in a U.S. drone attack last year in southern Yemen, the country's official news agency and a security official said Thursday."

* A major staff reorganization for President Obama's West Wing team, including elevating Denis McDonough to replace Jack Lew as the new White House Chief of Staff.

* Rewarding failure: "Reince Priebus was re-elected chairman of the Republican National Committee on Friday, overcoming divisions and tensions in the party."

* I remember when this seemed very far away: "The Standard & Poor's closed above 1,500 for the first time since the start of the Great Recession in 2007."

* Who got the better end of the deal on filibuster reform? Put it this way: it's Mitch McConnell, not Harry Reid, doing the end-zone dance.

* A national embarrassment: "The long Election Day lines around Florida may have turned away more than 200,000 frustrated would-be voters who gave up and went home before they cast ballots — or else saw the lines and elected not to join them."

* Good move: "The backlash from Gov. Bobby Jindal's decision to cut hospice care from the state's Medicaid program as of Feb. 1 has been loud and sustained. Loud and strong enough to force Jindal to reverse that decision."

* Ya don't say: "One of the National Rifle Association's senior lobbyists said an ad by the nation's leading gun-rights group after a school shooting in Connecticut that refers to President Barack Obama's children was 'ill-advised.'"

* I don't expect much from Fox News, but inviting Jerry Boykin onto "Fox News Sunday" is indefensible. On the other hand, the network has reportedly parted ways with a certain former half-term Alaska governor.

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