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Friday's Mini-Report, 5.1.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Baltimore: "Hundreds of people spilled into the streets of a riot-torn neighborhood in Baltimore on Friday after the city's chief prosecutor announced criminal charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray."
* The former Chris Christie aide who wrote the "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" email now wants everyone to know how innocent she is.
* The death toll in Nepal has reportedly surpassed 6,000.
* Nigeria: "Nigeria's military on Thursday vowed to free more hostages from Boko Haram after nearly 500 were released from atrocious conditions this week in the group's Sambisa Forest stronghold."
* This may be a very big deal: "[Tesla Motors] announced that it is offering a home battery product, which people can use to store energy from their solar panels or to backstop their homes against blackouts, and also larger scale versions that could perform similar roles for companies or even parts of the grid."
* A start: "Instances of sexual assault among U.S. service members have fallen over the past year, a new report suggested on Friday, but Pentagon officials said more work remains to be done on preventing retaliation against those who report abuse."
* Important safety rules: "The Obama administration imposed tougher safety regulations Friday for trains carrying crude oil, responding to growing alarm about a series of fiery derailments that killed dozens of people in a small Canadian town and have rattled U.S. communities from North Dakota to Alabama to Virginia."
* $10.10 is so last year: "Top Democrats laid down their minimum-wage marker on Capitol Hill on Thursday, setting up their party's middle-class-focused economic message heading into the 2016 elections campaigns. Their pitch: '$12 by '20' -- a $12 per hour federal minimum wage by 2020, which they say will give a pay raise to nearly 38 million Americans."
* Stories like these are really important: "Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said on Friday the state will set up its own healthcare exchange if needed to save insurance subsidies for thousands of residents under the federal government's 2010 Affordable Care Act."
* Mississippi: "A judge has sentenced a white man to 20 years in prison for repeated assaults on African-Americans in Mississippi's capital city, and a second sentencing has been delayed."
* The Justice Department "announced a $20 million pilot program for police body cameras on Friday.... It's the first component of President Barack Obama's $75 million Body Worn Camera Partnership Program, which he announced late last year."
* NYC had a shot, but it came up short: "Chicago will be the site of the Obama Presidential Library, NBC News confirms, ending years of speculation as to where the 44th president's legacy would find its physical home. Although the final site has not yet been settled, it is expected to be connected to the University of Chicago."
* Wait, what? "The United States Capitol Police are under scrutiny again after reports surfaced Friday that officers have left their guns unattended at the Capitol Complex at least three times this year."
* Disgusting: "A Denver heating and cooling company routinely discriminated against what one employee called 'colored' people, according to an undercover investigation by a television station this week."
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